Removal Boxes and Packing Materials

Pro-Porters offers a full packing service that includes the supply of all boxes and other materials. The cost of these is included in your quotation.

However, if you would like to self-pack, we can supply a full range of professional removal boxes and packing materials. We’ll then deliver this to you well in advance of your move. Free delivery for orders over £20 (within 20miles).

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Removal boxes


A range of boxes designed to stand up to the rigours of moving.

  • Standard Large Box (approx. 45x37x57cm)  – £1.50 each

  • Standard Book Box  (approx. 38x28x48cm)  – £1.00 each

  • Wardrobe Box         (approx. 51x45x121cm) – £6.00 each​


Other boxes and materials available, Contact us for a full price list.

Packing Materials


We have everything you could need to keep your belongings secure, including:

  • Packing Tape – £2 per roll

  • Packing Paper – £10 per ream

  • Marker Pens – £1 each


Other packing materials such a bubble wrap are available. Contact us for prices and friendly advice on your requirements.

Pro-Porters' Moving Tips

  • Don't underestimate how many boxes you will use, you will always need more than you think. Remember your items are safer in a box than out of one.

  • Don't overload boxes, spread weight evenly.

  • Place heavier items in the bottom of the box, lighter items on top.


  • Don't worry any boxes or materials you don't need or use you will not be charged.